Музыкальные пейзажи

Art-project of pianists Natalia Grines and Evgeny Brakhman

July, 12th-18th, 2021 | «Volga» сountryside hotel

We are happy to announce that in summer 2021 (12th- 18th, July) the 4th session of «Musical landscapes» festival is coming!

1. Venue!

Amazing countryside «Volga» hotel. In addition to its cozy rooms you will enjoy a beach located on its territory, fantastic nature landscapes around, and a dock right on the shore of the river!

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2. Super exciting program!

Interactive, art and sport events are waiting for you! And every evening you will become a part of a terrific show, in which our special guests will participate too.

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3. Special guests!

Absolute geniuses, whose names are well-known not only in Russia, but also in Europe, USA, Israel, Japan, China and other parts of the world.

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We are waiting for you to share this magnificent event together! Everything we do with love and awe, we do it for you! Our main goal is to gift you maximum joy and happiness!

Special guests


Creative gatherings, interactive and musical programs with Evgeny Brakhman, Natalia and Olga Grines (piano)

Oil painting master-classes by Natalia Razbaeva

Paintings and art photography exhibition under the auspices of Natalia Razbaeva, Leonid Groisman and ARDGENTO Gallery

Accommodation and prices

Standard room type

Children under 14 (under the condition of 2 children/room)

from $390
Adults (under the condition of 2 adults/room)
from $490

Standard accommodation provides double rooms with shower and bathroom. Additional place might be provided (up to 3 persons/ room)

Luxe room type

Adults (under the condition of 2 adults/room)

from $690
Child (under the condition of 2 children/room)
from $490

Luxe accommodation provides double room with air conditioner, bathroom and shower. One room contains a double bed, another- fold- out coach. Additional bed may be provided. Family of 4 members may be accommodated in this room type (mother, father, 2 children)

50% discount for second child`s accommodation in a room (under the condition of his additional place accommodation, which means fold- out coach or fold-out bed)

Free participation

Free participation is provided for volunteers, who lead a group of at least 5 children; for children under the age of 3


3 times/day meals and all the festival program activities are included in price.

Additional expenses:

-Visa and travel expenses
-banya, swimming pool, individual lessons (additionally to the ones, mentioned in the festival program) with invited special guests.

Participants` places amount is limited


The event will take place in a comfortable countryside hotel


Nizhny Novgorod region Balakhninskiy district Lukino village

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